Turmoil in Succumber

On to the town of Grunwald - No Shortys allowed!

Thank you Kyle for doing the write up for this! You Drock!!

Escaping the Tree

After Erydeni completed the ritual, whatever was keeping the peace in the tree seemed to fade. We needed to make our escape and find a place to rest. We snuck past the fighting kenku and kobolds, and made our way back to the elevator vines.

In just a few minutes we were in the cavernous hollow with the strange music and crowd of dancing creatures. Only now they were not dancing, but fighting with each other. Feywin told us she would see us at the bottom and she jumped out of the tree. She fell as slowly as the kenku’s feathers, which were now raining down on everything like some kind of morbid blizzard. We tried to follow her lead, but the strange potion vines, which previously let us fall like the feathers, were shriveled and empty. Looks like we were going down the long way.

While we were coming up with a plan, the kenku and kobolds had surrounded us. They asked for healing from the emerald eyes. It was obvious that the eyes were useless in our current state, but Erydeni healed a few of them with her own divine magic and was able to buy us some time to get to the next level down the tree. (Surprisingly quick thinking for a brainwashed cleric).

On our way out of the great hall, something entirely unexpected happened. At first, I thought I was seeing a ghost! Caspar, the halfling who started on our first adventure so long ago! But no, it somehow turned out to be his brother, a cleric named Carmine. A chance meeting that seemed a little contrived, but we were too busy running to question it. As we neared the exit we heard a terrible shrieking that reverberated in the hard wood under our feet. Only a fool would stop to ask a halfling about his origins in a situation like that. Still, it was almost hard to stomach the reality that another damn cleric was joining our party.

Feywin was waiting for us at the entrance. A quick glance where we tied up our horses revealed a pool of blood and some giant claw marks from (I’m assuming) whatever creature was shrieking above us. We decided to head to the nearest town of Grunwald to get horses, supplies, and much-needed rest before taking on our next foe at the Ruins of Gunthar

As we neared the town, we met a man who very clearly hated halflings. We would soon come to understand that most of the town’s residents felt the same. But for now, our party went separate ways to get supplies.

Feywin, Eramyr, and myself went to the magic shop. At the time, the man and his wares seemed very convincing. Feywin bought a ring that was said to make her better at discerning people’s intentions. Eramyr bought a ring with a spider on it, a simple piece of jewelry to make its wearer better at climbing. Truthfully, I wish I had been able to buy the spider ring, but alas my gold purse was feeling rather light. After a fruitless attempt at bartering the man down, I decided to keep my small purse. A stroke of luck for me since the rings turned out to be less than genuine. But it was (perhaps) a painful lesson for Feywin and Eramyr. If we ever return to the town, I will help them get their gold back.

Meanwhile, Villag visited the smith to repair his armor. I don’t know what money or services were exchanged, but he emerged with a strange snake helmet that he said was “for Kobar.” He also emerged amorless, leaving it with the smith for some “standard repairs”. A phrase that apparently means different things in different towns (but I’m getting ahead of myself.)

The clerics of course went to the temple, since mindless devotion is their thing, but it seems that our new friend Carmine is as good at getting himself into a bind as he is at paying respects to our deaf deities. He crossed the proprietor of the town bar. Bob.

Now I’ve met racist jerks before. My own high elf father-in-law did not approve of my wedding with Alais. But Bob… Bob takes the cake. This man’s hatred for halflings borders on the pathological. Carmine’s mere presence ruffled Bob’s feathers, but I think the halfling spit in his eye (a disgusting, but not unjustified retort to Bob’s verbal abuse) probably didn’t help either, and he was chased out of the bar.

It turns out our small friend is more than capable of taking care of himself though. With Bob refusing to give up the chase, Carmine simply stopped, turned, and reached out a hand to touch his pursuer. Bob stopped in his tracks and appeared to be wounded him with something nasty. Carmine’s a bit more powerful than his brother I think. Hopefully he sticks with us for a while.

After the long day, it was time to eat and get some rest. Sensing the less-than-welcoming nature of the townsfolk, our clerics decided to play mom and son. A ruse that would have unraveled in any other town, but I guess they breed them different in Grunwald. I asked for a different inn, hoping to give my coin to a more deserving proprietor, but I was overruled (and to be honest, knowing the people we’d met thus far, probably wouldn’t have been any better.) We at least avoided dining at Bob’s for our dinner, although the place we ended up at was still full of the same folks. Carmine continued to go unnoticed as Erydeni’s son, and the bigger cleric managed to win some money in a dice game. (What kind of clerics are these anyway?)

That night at the inn, we overheard Bob and his wife next door. The man was plotting to round up some townsfolk to go after Carmine. I was contemplating slipping out the window to intercept him before he could do any damage, when Erydeni knocked on his door and offered to heal his wounds. The healing seemed to calm him down, and he offered us breakfast the next morning. I guess I should give the cleric more credit. Along with buying us time to escape the tree, this was the 2nd situation’s she’d diffused that day without resorting to violence.

The following morning we made our preparations before heading to Bob’s place. We stopped by the livery for horses where we met another of Grunwald’s finest citizens. A lecherous old man whose backwards beliefs seemed to crumble with a single kiss between Feywin and Erydeni. If he were an elf, I might have pegged him for Kobar’s dad.

We left the stables with haste and met up with Villag who was retrieving his armor from the smith. He exited the shop and revealed some interesting modifications to his mail: 2 shiny brass rings, which I can only assume are for better protecting the fighter’s nipples. Or maybe they are targets? The craftsmanship was solid, but by the look on Villag’s face, I don’t think the “artistic elements” were added at his request.

At this point, we were all anxious to get our breakfast over and leave this town and its people for good. We tied our horses up and went into Bob’s place. We convinced him to retrieve his brother, and to sit down at the table with us. They obliged, completely unaware of the Erydeni-and-Carmine mother-and-son ruse. Our group began to make puns and jokes playing off the word “short” for what seemed like a very long time. Too long, some might say. But our hosts were still oblivious. I’ll admit that I inwardly chuckled a few times.

After our party had its fun, Feywin decided to teach the men a lesson. With the same magic she used to shrink the bear in the tree, she reduced Bob’s brother down to halfling size. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but at the same moment, she glowed as bright as the sun. After a momentary stupor, Bob regained his precious few wits and claimed she was some kind of devil. He screamed and shouted for help, so I calmed him with the sleeping touch of my quarterstaff.

At this point, it was very obviously time for us to leave, so we grabbed our horses and made haste out of the backwards, Podunk town.

We headed down the road toward the ruins of Gunthar. All was fine until we crossed the river and a few in our party started suffering from the mental intrusions of Vitor, the vile presence that has been spreading across the land. At nearly the same time, we noticed the taloned tracks made by some kind of giant bird, or maybe a lizard. As we continued along the path, the forest started changing around us, and we began to see strange humanoid statues made of mud.

Curious, I poked one with my staff. Nothing seemed to happen at first. Then out of nowhere, one of its hands swung at me and knocked me off my horse. I lay there on my back as I watched the mud men do the same to the rest of our party. After a few rounds, the mud men joined us on the ground. They didn’t seem to mean us any real harm, which is good because it was nearly impossible to damage them. Something tricky was afoot.

Further down the path, we eventually came to a place where the forest encroached over the road, forming an impenetrable barrier. The wind picked up and forced us and our horses off to a side path and right up to the mouth of a cave. With literally nowhere else to go, Carmine offered to investigate (after taking a bit of invisibility potion that we had saved from the tree.)

We waited for what seemed like an eternity, when without any warning, Villag was suddenly lifted up in the air. His undergarments seemingly trying to make their escape from his backside. Must’ve been quite a discomfort with the added weight of his heavy armor trying to pull him back down to the earth. It was a wedgie the likes of which I hadn’t seen since my days of drunken bar fights all those years ago. If it weren’t for the uncertain fate of our new halfling friend, I probably would have laughed out loud. But I held my emotions in check and only let a slight smirk befall my face.

As the fighter returned to the earth, a black dragon emerged from the cave. A wave of panic briefly washed over the group before it changed form to reveal a faerie dragon.

In the monastery, I was taught the ways of metallic dragons, but I was warned that dragons like the one before me can spell trouble. It seems that they delight in playing tricks on people. I remembered something Master Fat said when I asked more about these creatures. His tone was flat as his mind recalled a memory that it seemed he’d rather forget. His advice was short:

“Try to part ways as quickly as possible.”

Fortunately for us, the faerie dragon seemed interested in the closed-minded, racist people of Grunwald. It giggled gleefully as it headed back down the road.

There was a part of me that wanted to follow the creature and watch the chaos ensue. But I quickly quieted such thoughts. We have a mission to perform. A duty to protect the people of Succumber. It is time to see about some witches in the Ruins of Gunthar.

To the Top of the Tree!!

The party made it to the top of the tree after much time spent at a large party of Kenku and Kobolds.

They were able to defeat Elwynn and take back the emerald eyes of the skull.

To the Great Tree of Grunwald
Search for the Emerald Skull Eye

The party met with the Hawkley Cleric of an unknown deity (or name? “NotSo”). He gave the group instruction to meet with his Satyr friend Johan Treegen some where at the base of the giant tree of Grunwald. He also provided several potions of healing for each party member.
Equipped by Two Knife with steeds and basic armaments, the party set out for the tree. They made excellent time passing through Tribore and bypassing the haunted house they had encountered earlier.

The party reached the tree and began searching for Johan Treegen. With most of the party avoiding falling leaves and branches when a Roc flew out from the tree, the group entered the tree up a long stairwell at it’s base. They soon encountered voices coming from various places in the entrance room. There they met a strange looking fellow who turned out to be the satyr they had been looking for.

He directed them to head up the tree. After not to long of traveling, they discovered that they were being followed by an invisible Treegen. Scruffy foiled any mischievous plans that Treegen had for the party. Later, the party came upon a group of Kenku (wingless bird like creatures) and a group of kobolds fighting it out in the hallway. They were amused by this and did not interfere with their rumbling. One thing that they observed was that the kobolds were able to escape from the fight by using particular elevator vines which only seemed to work when their tattoos were lined up at the end of the vine.
The party soon worked out a way to utilize these elevator vines for themselves using the detached arms of the dead kobolds.

At one level, the party also encountered strange vines that seemed to be attracted to the movement of the party. They moved toward the group and attacked from various directions. The party in an effort to escape had to hold on to the vines and stick together - they literally had to ‘stick’ together when the group had to carry a post around a rope course to simulate their journey around the vines ((yes, I know I didn’t explain this well that night sorry)).

The party rose higher and higher with the vine system and soon reached a level where they discovered figures carved (frozen) in stone. They soon discovered that the stone statues were actually the victims of the awkwardly chicken like cockatrice. The party was soon engaged by one of these foul birds but it was quickly vanquished by the brave party.
They left off there to heal themselves and to restore their waning strength.

The Town of Hawkley and the Training of Two Knife(s)

The group picked up after the lake crossing encounter with the otter. Drock was so kind that he used knowledge gained from one of the books collected from the Ogre mage to prepare the group a meal of sushi. All of the group enjoyed the fish other than Feywyn who after a few minutes became sick to her stomach and became sick to her stomach.

Climbing up through the mountains, the trail took the adventurers high into the thin air where they encountered a deer along the trail. Some of the group was slowed by the thin air.

Upon approaching the temple of succumber, the group came across the corpse of a hobgoblin with an arrow in it.

At the temple, as the group was collecting healing water, two carrion crawlers preyed upon them. They pounced upon the two nearest party members and they soon found themselves paralyzed from the poison in the attacker’s tentacles. The fight was tense as several members were poisoned during the fight. The tentacles and bites were hard to miss but after some time and maneuvering, the group finally defeated the two creatures.

Striking out from the temple, the group soon made their way to the town of Hawkley. The town seemed to be less of a town but rather was more of a collection of estate homes. There were servants of all types working on the properties and the buildings all showed off a great deal of wealth. Servants soon brought the group in and introduced them to their host Two Knife(s) — the servant continually referred to them as Two Knifes.

The group was then informed about the dire situation facing the entire realm due to Vitor the mind flayer’s plans. Apparently he has taken the ancient artifact of the Orb of the Skulls and has replaced its magical eyes that once were used for good with his own that are now used for evil.

Concerned that the adventurers were not up to the task of taking on the mindflayer, Two Knife offered extra training that would help the group defeat the foe. The group was then taken to the training grounds were each member was tasked with a challenge. They earned skill points for walking a balance beam while blind folded, measuring weights of statues, or a variety of dexterity based games. Some succeeded more than others but all received some benefit.

After the training and a fair bit of negotiating, the group took on the task of taking down Vitor. Two Knife then proceeded to lay out the tasks that they believed would be needed to be done. There were 3 sets of original eyes of the Orb of Skulls. When collected, each set apparently has a great magical power that might be able to be used by the group to help in their future fights. The Emerald Skull Eyes had the gift of healing and were kept at the Great Tree of Grunwald. The Ruby Skull Eyes kept in the great mine of the north had the gift of control of creatures and machinery. And, the Saphire Skull Eyes in the ruins of Gunthar had the gift of erasing memory. The adventurers are readying themselves to find the Emerald eyes first. Two Knife is providing all equipment and any common items the group feels necessary to their quest. ** Working on some videos but they have to be converted – until then here are some pics








Mid December Adventure Log
Griffon's Nest

The party left the cave of the Ogre Mage.

Along the trail they come across barriers of thorns with spears facing the opposite direction on the trail. They proceeded to burn the thorns and spears.

A bit farther down the trail, they encountered a rock fall blocking the trail. From beneath a large boulder, they see a fairly decomposed pair of feet and a scroll sticking out. After a short attempt at moving the stone, they were able to collect the note — a bit torn up due to the efforts to extract it.

The letter spoke of growing troubles with madness and Griffon’s nest along with two girls being abducted. Darmock request the aid of the magistrate he is currently disturb so I the changes he is seen in his people.

Further on, the group approached Griffon’s nest coming up on a bridge with a tall pillar marking the entrance of the town’s borders. Fallen from the top of the pillar was a Griffon that was with better observation once covered with gold leaf. It appeared to have been scraped off deliberately some time ago.

Making their way across the bridge the party noticed only a few people around. The ones that they did see seemed oblivious to their arrival. Most were muttering things to themselves such as ‘gold’ “must get gold,” “my daughters are gone,” “where are my daughters” Several attempts were made by the party to speak to them but they only seemed to repeat themselves over and over.

Kobar made a short pitstop to look for libations but he soon rejoined the group.

Most of the town looked to be in disrepair. The group then made their way to the building that was in the best repair between all of the structures it was the Townhall. Upon entering the Townhall they see a large court room like area with benches going to each side. Darmock The town caretaker is there waiting for them. After a bit of questioning regarding their encounter with the Ogre Mage, Darmock told the party that they will soon encounter his master named Vitor. Darmock slowly strokes his skull (LOL) during the conversation. A few moments later, Darmock springs a trip on the party when which the floor falls out from under them. It is a conical room and they slide to the center of the room where they see the Vitreon symbol. Darmock becomes ecstatic and tells them that in order to make their way out they must put a set of symbols in order—- “Doing so will set them free!” The party then was asked to go outside on a scavenger hunt of poetic clues — Was supposed to represent solving the trap puzzle but I didn’t explain that very well.

1. Medusa’s curse still flows the gift of life
2. Everything imagined began as a single thought like a drop of water that leads to a waterfall
3. Birds looks like will find their stomachs light.
4. It’s better to burn out than to fade away. The fire of Vitor will free all

Upon lighting the fire with the last clue, the party was attacked mentally. Two members failed and were welcomed in their mind to Vitor. They took a bit of damage and now have a bit more of a connection with Vitor. The symbols being put in order did seem to literally free the party. As the trap slowly began to release and the floor raised, a tremendous noise grew from outside. Screams, yells, roars, crying people, running were all being heard. Darmock yells “he’s here he’s here!!!” the party notices both Fear and joy coming through the tones in his voice. He escaped out the back door. When the party eventually makes it out, they see from a good distance away a line of creatures attacking people on the street. They are clearly making a wall between themselves and a tall octopus like creature standing behind them for those in the party that knew it was a mind flayer. The people who failed her check instantly know that this is Vitor. The wall or creatures was made up of skeletons griffins owlbears ghasts, hobgoblins, along with a couple of towns people.

Vitor was protected behind the creatures and a small girls body was seen laying on the street below him with blood pouring from her skull. He then grasped onto another young girl and his tentacles engulfed her head with sharp spines piercing her skull. The victims brain soon begins to be sucked out. An evil grin came across Vitor’s face.

Upon Vitor seeing the party a sonic blast was sent out. Those with weaker minds took psychic damage and the entire party “heard you fools should turn back now this realm is mine.” A manticore fliee down and Vitor got on and left towards the west. Most of the creatures fled once he is was gone seemingly as if a curse had been lifted from them. Only the undead remained which the party soon defeated. After much debate the party left town having decided to head toward Hawkley – the town of the head families of Triboar. Instead of traveling their previously taken trail, they chose the route toward the previously encountered temple. After traveling for a bit, the group came up on a lake with a fishing cabin that had been abandoned. They saw to small boats tied to the shore. They began to make their way across the span of water.

Upon the water in the distance, they saw splashing. They were soon face-to-face with a giant otter. The playful otter seemed to like shiny things and offered fish to the group in exchange for shiny items specifically gold. The time the silver was offered the boat was bumped until gold was offered. The group then made haste crossing the rest of the water.

Until next time…

Mid November Session
Trouble in the Cliffs

After leaving the house of doom, the party traveled towards the town of Griffon’s Nest.

The trail was edged by high cliffs and soon narrowed to squeeze the party tightly together.

They encountered a Fire Giant that bellowed out in a large voice that they had to pay a toll to be able to proceed. Many spears were propped behind his wall of thorns.

Some of the party tried to negotiate. Some tried to make a run for it. One, just one, tried to actually pay the fare - through magic gold.

The ruse appeared to work with the Giant willingly taking the gold and allowing passage.

Some time later the party was surprised to have rocks falling like rain on their heads. The giant was now above them on the cliffs hurling rocks towards them. After some careful maneuvering, the party made it to an opening in the canyon. It was marked with signs from the giant speaking to his greatness and power.

The group slowly made its way into the cave of the creature. Troubles arose from a darkness spell and grease spell at the entrance of the cave. Once in the group was attacked. After a fight at the alter of skulls, the creature fled by jumping in the lake and swimming through an opening under the wall.

Fearless Drock dove in after him and soon put the finishing blows upon the giant — whose illusion soon vanished revealing that it was simply an ogre mage who had studied well.

The session completed with the group resting up for night was drawing near. IMG_1741.JPG

Halloween Session

We arrived back in the town of Triboar to get our reward, and then separated to get some supplies. While haggling over the price of a potion of healing, I struck up a conversation with an old woman. She told me that her granddaughter had been kidnapped by someone. When I asked for more information, she told me that other children in the area had also disappeared. They had been taken to a haunted mansion on the way to Griffon’s Nest.

I met up with the rest of the group and we decided what to do with the rest of the evening. Kobar, Villag, and Eramyr headed to a bar for gambling, drinking, and who know’s what else. I remember the man I was when I turned to drink, and it’s not someone I want to be again. I decided to turn in early. Feywin and Erydeni went to their room as well. A few hours later Villag and Eramyr stumbled in, followed a bit later by Kobar.

The next morning, we met downstairs for breakfast. Stale bagels. Luckily I had my kit of herbs with me to make the food more bearable.

After some small talk with the group (Kobar’s signature vulgarities included) we struck up a conversation with the proprietor of the inn. He told us of the rich families in Hawkly. What he said was was disturbing to say the least, but he wouldn’t give us more information. He mentioned that there might be prying eyes and ears, and that he was afraid to say anything else. I tried calming him down by searching for any nearby evil.

This is not something I do lightly. My contact with the silver-skulled men… those things… left me with this ability. This curse. To use it, I must open my mind to vile things. Things that should not exist in a world where priests and other holy men make claims about the good that their gods perform. Opening my mind in this way leaves me rattled afterwards, and so I have only done it a few times and only under the guidance of my master.

However, we needed information from this man, and I needed to be certain that no one would kill him for giving it to us. And that’s when my suspicions about Kobar became much stronger. The only source of evil in the room came from the half-elf sitting next to me. It wasn’t the revelation I was looking for, but at least it was clear that the man behind the bar wasn’t in immediate danger by talking to us. Still, he refused to talk. There must be something terrible happening in Hawkly for this man to be so afraid.

But there was also the matter of the missing children. We could all feel something strange in the air that day. Something… spooky. We decided to head to the place mentioned in the rumors. We started down the trail to Griffon’s Nest.

We made our way along the trail until we heard a girl crying off in the woods. It was the same kind of sound we heard at the Temple of Secumber. The kind that you don’t hear exactly. You… feel it in your mind.

When we investigated its source, we stumbled upon the mansion. A large 2-story building made of stone. There was definitely something wrong with this place. You could feel it in the air that day.

We carefully made our way to the entry. An open maw where a door used to be. Some in our group have good vision in the dark, but I don’t. I asked Feywin to put some light on my quarterstaff. Looking through a window, I saw a girl in the house. She smiled and waved. Gave me the creeps.

Finally, Eramyr was brave enough to enter. And seeing that he was still standing, we all eventually made our way inside. There was some kind of strange magic keeping the girl confined in that part of the house. We didn’t see or hear anyone else. Eramyr tried to grab her wrist and pull her from that vile place, but his hand found no purchase. This mansion was definitely haunted, but by who or what… besides the little girl?

She told us about her father, and of a book he kept that contained the secret to “fixing” the house. We made our way to the back of the house and finally found the book.

Aside: It was around this time that Feywin had an unfortunate accident with some bugs. When she eventually returned to the house, her clothes were replaced with some kind of robe made of… bed sheets. And of course this aside wouldn’t be complete without Kobar following her around laughing like a lunatic.

The book told us of 3 objects that we needed to find and bring together. We searched through the cursed house and found 2 of them. Also, Kobar discovered that he could make the house bleed by stabbing the walls. I will not be surprised by his actions anymore.

Eventually, we made our way upstairs. I tried to lead the way, but the stairs crumbled beneath me and I ended up in a basement. A foul place that I didn’t much want to be in by myself. Ordinarily, my training would have prepared me for the crumbling stone. At the monastery we tested our agility every day. My only explanation is that I was still rattled from letting the evil into my mind earlier that day. I will be more careful when using that ability in the future. I made my way back upstairs to join the group, and we finally managed to get to the 2nd floor.

Upstairs, we found a hidden room, with 9 hanged, faceless children. An ugly mark. A desecration left by one of this world’s unspeakable evils. Some of us decided to give the children a proper ceremony. There was no way I could leave the bodies like that. But first, Kobar cut down the center body. The body of the little girl trapped in the front of the house. I don’t know why, but he forced her to confront the reality of her ghostly existence.

We still needed the 3rd object, a gold skull, and so we searched the only place we hadn’t been yet: the basement. It was full of horrors. A room used for torture. A strange prison. There was a room with the symbol that we have come to associate with the Vitreons. The evil emanating from that room was almost unbearable.

Finally, in the last room, we found 7 closed caskets. We all held our breath. By that point we were all itching to fight whatever evil it was that plagued the house, but we knew we weren’t equipped to deal with 7 vampires.

Kobar went to check on one, and to our relief, it was only skeletons that burst forth. We had the advantageous position. The skeletons had to squeeze through the narrow opening of the door. We also had Villag. He is truly skilled in the art of combat. I’d hate to get on the wrong side of his blade.

We managed to defeat them without taking much damage of our own. One of the skeletons’ skulls happened to be a nice shiny gold. We gathered the 3rd item and headed back up the stairs to talk to the little girl once more…

Session 3


At the beginning of the session, a group of hobgoblins approached the temple dragging with them a mostly dead human. The hobgoblins were surprised that the temple was no longer in it’s darkened state. They clearly were there to bring fresh meat to the ghouls that had been living there. <why> The hobgoblins fled from the party and the group fired their ranged weapons at the foes. The hobgoblins fled with their leader telling his men to go get the others. The party proceeded to protect their previous day’s winnings and they did an about face and ran to the other side of the temple.

In the evening, another hobgoblin approached in the dark. The party soon became splintered in what should be done. Some of the group wished to head back to Triboar while the others wanted to pursue the hobgoblins. “I want to stab something” – Kobar. The back and forth of the day’s events even led to members of the group expressing their anger with one another with an exchange of spells and arrows! When debating leaving behind Kobar “Is this a pro or con argument”

The group eventually moved on to pursue the remaining hobgoblins. In a valiant chase through ravines, pits of mud, fungus spores and hornet nests, the group eventually came upon their quarry - which they proceeded to kill with ease.

Somewhere along the way, we had a “you can suck a big one Kobar” comment.

The group eventually became satisfied with heading back to Triboar. Along the way, the party came across the path of what was apparently the mud covered bodies of the two Triboar guards that were sent with them earlier. Once back in Triboar, the group was met by the town guards and led to the magistrate of the city. After much negotiation, the party was eventually paid their full rate for their excursion and negotiated to work with the town to help discover the plagues upon the lland of Succumber.

/// Other pieces of information discovered and Questions to be answered:
- There was a strange symbol that was carved in the temple that did not look native to the temple.
- The farther that the group went past the temple, the louder they heard the voices in their heads saying “Join us”
- The gold of Succumber apparently is being dried up and taken to the East.
- There was formerly a great deal of “trade” done in the East by the people of Triboar but the communication to the other side of the mountains has almost become non-exisitent
- The Vitreons used to be quite normal but there seems to be something that has happened to them recently
- The town of Hawkley is where the head families of Triboar live.

Session 2

Players present:

Session time 7:15 – 12:50

- The group picked up from last time while talking around the campfire about the day’s events.
- While on watch, the keepers of the watch heard a noise out in the brush. During the third watch, Kobar investigated.
- He discovered a nearly dead female mostly disrobed (except for that metal bikini armor)
- The group also encountered several ghouls within view of the temple. After some bit of fighting, the group proceeded forward. With each death of a ghoul, a section of the temple pillars began to glow white.
- Yet more ghouls approached them and they began to hear what sounded like a young girl crying from within the temple.
- The group proceeded cautiously across a rope that they had manufactured to cross the moat surrounding the facility. Several of the members ended up jumping across.
- Once across, the group encountered a large zone of darkness but they could still hear the voices on the other side.
- A few brave members stepped forward into the dark to find a Ghast with whom they had been talking.
- She offered many fine gems, gold, and even magic items to try and coerce the band to leave their home. The adventurers chose to fight.
- The fight was brutal and both sides took some brutal blows. The adventures soon backed off to lick their wounds after telling the ghouls that they were leaving them to be.
- After some moments of rest, the group sucked it up and launched their plan to burn out the ghouls. They set the hanging vines and moss on fire which advanced their goal of driving them from their home.
- With their strength massed, the ghouls fell to the might adventurers.
- With the death of the lead ghast, the temple became fully lit. The zone of darkness lifted and the water from the fountain started to become clear.
- A brief inspection of the base of the fountain revealed a small chest that the ghouls had been keeping their stash of loot.


The group leveled up to 2nd level mid way through the adventure. Please adjust your character with their new abilities.

Session 1
The party meets!

Session 1 notes:

- Character Generation. Used standard array with optional 3d6 rolls or did the point buy system.

- Went over basic world characteristics and how I planned to run the game.

Game plot points:
- Game started with the characters running from a brush fire.
- They ran to the town of Triboar (in the north east portion of the land)
- Towns folk were suspicious and the group was taken under guard by the inhabitants.
- After clearing most of their names from being considered as enemy named the Vitreons, the group was given the task of determining the reason for the recent fouling of the towns water source. Kobar was still considered to be suspicious and two guards were set to watch him. The price negotiated was 125 gold a piece +adventure loot.
- The group stayed the night in an inn which had a hidden door in the room. During one of the watches, something tried to come through and was promptly thwarted with a stab through a crack in the wall. A sharp “eeeaaaak” was heard as a sliver of blood seeped from out or the crevice.
- The group left town along a narrow trail following the murky river.
- They soon found themselves facing pools of mud that launched themselves out of the river towards the group.
- The valiant group fought for many rounds with much mud flying. Two of the group took massive hits and went down in the fight with a third struck in the mud.
- The mud monsters were equally as beat up and soon decided to flee from the fight. Both groups licked their wounds and parted ways.
- After a short rest, the adventurers proceeded towards theri goal of the temple of Secumber.
- They made it to within sight of the temple but their path was slowed by numerous graves along the path. They determined that a full rest would be needed before proceeding.


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