Turmoil in Succumber

To the Great Tree of Grunwald

Search for the Emerald Skull Eye

The party met with the Hawkley Cleric of an unknown deity (or name? “NotSo”). He gave the group instruction to meet with his Satyr friend Johan Treegen some where at the base of the giant tree of Grunwald. He also provided several potions of healing for each party member.
Equipped by Two Knife with steeds and basic armaments, the party set out for the tree. They made excellent time passing through Tribore and bypassing the haunted house they had encountered earlier.

The party reached the tree and began searching for Johan Treegen. With most of the party avoiding falling leaves and branches when a Roc flew out from the tree, the group entered the tree up a long stairwell at it’s base. They soon encountered voices coming from various places in the entrance room. There they met a strange looking fellow who turned out to be the satyr they had been looking for.

He directed them to head up the tree. After not to long of traveling, they discovered that they were being followed by an invisible Treegen. Scruffy foiled any mischievous plans that Treegen had for the party. Later, the party came upon a group of Kenku (wingless bird like creatures) and a group of kobolds fighting it out in the hallway. They were amused by this and did not interfere with their rumbling. One thing that they observed was that the kobolds were able to escape from the fight by using particular elevator vines which only seemed to work when their tattoos were lined up at the end of the vine.
The party soon worked out a way to utilize these elevator vines for themselves using the detached arms of the dead kobolds.

At one level, the party also encountered strange vines that seemed to be attracted to the movement of the party. They moved toward the group and attacked from various directions. The party in an effort to escape had to hold on to the vines and stick together - they literally had to ‘stick’ together when the group had to carry a post around a rope course to simulate their journey around the vines ((yes, I know I didn’t explain this well that night sorry)).

The party rose higher and higher with the vine system and soon reached a level where they discovered figures carved (frozen) in stone. They soon discovered that the stone statues were actually the victims of the awkwardly chicken like cockatrice. The party was soon engaged by one of these foul birds but it was quickly vanquished by the brave party.
They left off there to heal themselves and to restore their waning strength.



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