Turmoil in Succumber

The Town of Hawkley and the Training of Two Knife(s)

The group picked up after the lake crossing encounter with the otter. Drock was so kind that he used knowledge gained from one of the books collected from the Ogre mage to prepare the group a meal of sushi. All of the group enjoyed the fish other than Feywyn who after a few minutes became sick to her stomach and became sick to her stomach.

Climbing up through the mountains, the trail took the adventurers high into the thin air where they encountered a deer along the trail. Some of the group was slowed by the thin air.

Upon approaching the temple of succumber, the group came across the corpse of a hobgoblin with an arrow in it.

At the temple, as the group was collecting healing water, two carrion crawlers preyed upon them. They pounced upon the two nearest party members and they soon found themselves paralyzed from the poison in the attacker’s tentacles. The fight was tense as several members were poisoned during the fight. The tentacles and bites were hard to miss but after some time and maneuvering, the group finally defeated the two creatures.

Striking out from the temple, the group soon made their way to the town of Hawkley. The town seemed to be less of a town but rather was more of a collection of estate homes. There were servants of all types working on the properties and the buildings all showed off a great deal of wealth. Servants soon brought the group in and introduced them to their host Two Knife(s) — the servant continually referred to them as Two Knifes.

The group was then informed about the dire situation facing the entire realm due to Vitor the mind flayer’s plans. Apparently he has taken the ancient artifact of the Orb of the Skulls and has replaced its magical eyes that once were used for good with his own that are now used for evil.

Concerned that the adventurers were not up to the task of taking on the mindflayer, Two Knife offered extra training that would help the group defeat the foe. The group was then taken to the training grounds were each member was tasked with a challenge. They earned skill points for walking a balance beam while blind folded, measuring weights of statues, or a variety of dexterity based games. Some succeeded more than others but all received some benefit.

After the training and a fair bit of negotiating, the group took on the task of taking down Vitor. Two Knife then proceeded to lay out the tasks that they believed would be needed to be done. There were 3 sets of original eyes of the Orb of Skulls. When collected, each set apparently has a great magical power that might be able to be used by the group to help in their future fights. The Emerald Skull Eyes had the gift of healing and were kept at the Great Tree of Grunwald. The Ruby Skull Eyes kept in the great mine of the north had the gift of control of creatures and machinery. And, the Saphire Skull Eyes in the ruins of Gunthar had the gift of erasing memory. The adventurers are readying themselves to find the Emerald eyes first. Two Knife is providing all equipment and any common items the group feels necessary to their quest. ** Working on some videos but they have to be converted – until then here are some pics










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