Turmoil in Succumber

Session 3


At the beginning of the session, a group of hobgoblins approached the temple dragging with them a mostly dead human. The hobgoblins were surprised that the temple was no longer in it’s darkened state. They clearly were there to bring fresh meat to the ghouls that had been living there. <why> The hobgoblins fled from the party and the group fired their ranged weapons at the foes. The hobgoblins fled with their leader telling his men to go get the others. The party proceeded to protect their previous day’s winnings and they did an about face and ran to the other side of the temple.

In the evening, another hobgoblin approached in the dark. The party soon became splintered in what should be done. Some of the group wished to head back to Triboar while the others wanted to pursue the hobgoblins. “I want to stab something” – Kobar. The back and forth of the day’s events even led to members of the group expressing their anger with one another with an exchange of spells and arrows! When debating leaving behind Kobar “Is this a pro or con argument”

The group eventually moved on to pursue the remaining hobgoblins. In a valiant chase through ravines, pits of mud, fungus spores and hornet nests, the group eventually came upon their quarry - which they proceeded to kill with ease.

Somewhere along the way, we had a “you can suck a big one Kobar” comment.

The group eventually became satisfied with heading back to Triboar. Along the way, the party came across the path of what was apparently the mud covered bodies of the two Triboar guards that were sent with them earlier. Once back in Triboar, the group was met by the town guards and led to the magistrate of the city. After much negotiation, the party was eventually paid their full rate for their excursion and negotiated to work with the town to help discover the plagues upon the lland of Succumber.

/// Other pieces of information discovered and Questions to be answered:
- There was a strange symbol that was carved in the temple that did not look native to the temple.
- The farther that the group went past the temple, the louder they heard the voices in their heads saying “Join us”
- The gold of Succumber apparently is being dried up and taken to the East.
- There was formerly a great deal of “trade” done in the East by the people of Triboar but the communication to the other side of the mountains has almost become non-exisitent
- The Vitreons used to be quite normal but there seems to be something that has happened to them recently
- The town of Hawkley is where the head families of Triboar live.


Good recap!

Session 3

And let us not forget that when Villag was running through mud, as he rolled his check, the DM fatefully said: “It’s only a DC 5.” Then Villag rolled his third critical fail of the evening.

Fate, you’re cruel, but entertaining.

Session 3

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