Turmoil in Succumber

Session 2

Players present:

Session time 7:15 – 12:50

- The group picked up from last time while talking around the campfire about the day’s events.
- While on watch, the keepers of the watch heard a noise out in the brush. During the third watch, Kobar investigated.
- He discovered a nearly dead female mostly disrobed (except for that metal bikini armor)
- The group also encountered several ghouls within view of the temple. After some bit of fighting, the group proceeded forward. With each death of a ghoul, a section of the temple pillars began to glow white.
- Yet more ghouls approached them and they began to hear what sounded like a young girl crying from within the temple.
- The group proceeded cautiously across a rope that they had manufactured to cross the moat surrounding the facility. Several of the members ended up jumping across.
- Once across, the group encountered a large zone of darkness but they could still hear the voices on the other side.
- A few brave members stepped forward into the dark to find a Ghast with whom they had been talking.
- She offered many fine gems, gold, and even magic items to try and coerce the band to leave their home. The adventurers chose to fight.
- The fight was brutal and both sides took some brutal blows. The adventures soon backed off to lick their wounds after telling the ghouls that they were leaving them to be.
- After some moments of rest, the group sucked it up and launched their plan to burn out the ghouls. They set the hanging vines and moss on fire which advanced their goal of driving them from their home.
- With their strength massed, the ghouls fell to the might adventurers.
- With the death of the lead ghast, the temple became fully lit. The zone of darkness lifted and the water from the fountain started to become clear.
- A brief inspection of the base of the fountain revealed a small chest that the ghouls had been keeping their stash of loot.


The group leveled up to 2nd level mid way through the adventure. Please adjust your character with their new abilities.



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