Turmoil in Succumber

Session 1

The party meets!

Session 1 notes:

- Character Generation. Used standard array with optional 3d6 rolls or did the point buy system.

- Went over basic world characteristics and how I planned to run the game.

Game plot points:
- Game started with the characters running from a brush fire.
- They ran to the town of Triboar (in the north east portion of the land)
- Towns folk were suspicious and the group was taken under guard by the inhabitants.
- After clearing most of their names from being considered as enemy named the Vitreons, the group was given the task of determining the reason for the recent fouling of the towns water source. Kobar was still considered to be suspicious and two guards were set to watch him. The price negotiated was 125 gold a piece +adventure loot.
- The group stayed the night in an inn which had a hidden door in the room. During one of the watches, something tried to come through and was promptly thwarted with a stab through a crack in the wall. A sharp “eeeaaaak” was heard as a sliver of blood seeped from out or the crevice.
- The group left town along a narrow trail following the murky river.
- They soon found themselves facing pools of mud that launched themselves out of the river towards the group.
- The valiant group fought for many rounds with much mud flying. Two of the group took massive hits and went down in the fight with a third struck in the mud.
- The mud monsters were equally as beat up and soon decided to flee from the fight. Both groups licked their wounds and parted ways.
- After a short rest, the adventurers proceeded towards theri goal of the temple of Secumber.
- They made it to within sight of the temple but their path was slowed by numerous graves along the path. They determined that a full rest would be needed before proceeding.



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