Turmoil in Succumber

Mid November Session

Trouble in the Cliffs

After leaving the house of doom, the party traveled towards the town of Griffon’s Nest.

The trail was edged by high cliffs and soon narrowed to squeeze the party tightly together.

They encountered a Fire Giant that bellowed out in a large voice that they had to pay a toll to be able to proceed. Many spears were propped behind his wall of thorns.

Some of the party tried to negotiate. Some tried to make a run for it. One, just one, tried to actually pay the fare - through magic gold.

The ruse appeared to work with the Giant willingly taking the gold and allowing passage.

Some time later the party was surprised to have rocks falling like rain on their heads. The giant was now above them on the cliffs hurling rocks towards them. After some careful maneuvering, the party made it to an opening in the canyon. It was marked with signs from the giant speaking to his greatness and power.

The group slowly made its way into the cave of the creature. Troubles arose from a darkness spell and grease spell at the entrance of the cave. Once in the group was attacked. After a fight at the alter of skulls, the creature fled by jumping in the lake and swimming through an opening under the wall.

Fearless Drock dove in after him and soon put the finishing blows upon the giant — whose illusion soon vanished revealing that it was simply an ogre mage who had studied well.

The session completed with the group resting up for night was drawing near. IMG_1741.JPG



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