Turmoil in Succumber

Mid December Adventure Log

Griffon's Nest

The party left the cave of the Ogre Mage.

Along the trail they come across barriers of thorns with spears facing the opposite direction on the trail. They proceeded to burn the thorns and spears.

A bit farther down the trail, they encountered a rock fall blocking the trail. From beneath a large boulder, they see a fairly decomposed pair of feet and a scroll sticking out. After a short attempt at moving the stone, they were able to collect the note — a bit torn up due to the efforts to extract it.

The letter spoke of growing troubles with madness and Griffon’s nest along with two girls being abducted. Darmock request the aid of the magistrate he is currently disturb so I the changes he is seen in his people.

Further on, the group approached Griffon’s nest coming up on a bridge with a tall pillar marking the entrance of the town’s borders. Fallen from the top of the pillar was a Griffon that was with better observation once covered with gold leaf. It appeared to have been scraped off deliberately some time ago.

Making their way across the bridge the party noticed only a few people around. The ones that they did see seemed oblivious to their arrival. Most were muttering things to themselves such as ‘gold’ “must get gold,” “my daughters are gone,” “where are my daughters” Several attempts were made by the party to speak to them but they only seemed to repeat themselves over and over.

Kobar made a short pitstop to look for libations but he soon rejoined the group.

Most of the town looked to be in disrepair. The group then made their way to the building that was in the best repair between all of the structures it was the Townhall. Upon entering the Townhall they see a large court room like area with benches going to each side. Darmock The town caretaker is there waiting for them. After a bit of questioning regarding their encounter with the Ogre Mage, Darmock told the party that they will soon encounter his master named Vitor. Darmock slowly strokes his skull (LOL) during the conversation. A few moments later, Darmock springs a trip on the party when which the floor falls out from under them. It is a conical room and they slide to the center of the room where they see the Vitreon symbol. Darmock becomes ecstatic and tells them that in order to make their way out they must put a set of symbols in order—- “Doing so will set them free!” The party then was asked to go outside on a scavenger hunt of poetic clues — Was supposed to represent solving the trap puzzle but I didn’t explain that very well.

1. Medusa’s curse still flows the gift of life
2. Everything imagined began as a single thought like a drop of water that leads to a waterfall
3. Birds looks like will find their stomachs light.
4. It’s better to burn out than to fade away. The fire of Vitor will free all

Upon lighting the fire with the last clue, the party was attacked mentally. Two members failed and were welcomed in their mind to Vitor. They took a bit of damage and now have a bit more of a connection with Vitor. The symbols being put in order did seem to literally free the party. As the trap slowly began to release and the floor raised, a tremendous noise grew from outside. Screams, yells, roars, crying people, running were all being heard. Darmock yells “he’s here he’s here!!!” the party notices both Fear and joy coming through the tones in his voice. He escaped out the back door. When the party eventually makes it out, they see from a good distance away a line of creatures attacking people on the street. They are clearly making a wall between themselves and a tall octopus like creature standing behind them for those in the party that knew it was a mind flayer. The people who failed her check instantly know that this is Vitor. The wall or creatures was made up of skeletons griffins owlbears ghasts, hobgoblins, along with a couple of towns people.

Vitor was protected behind the creatures and a small girls body was seen laying on the street below him with blood pouring from her skull. He then grasped onto another young girl and his tentacles engulfed her head with sharp spines piercing her skull. The victims brain soon begins to be sucked out. An evil grin came across Vitor’s face.

Upon Vitor seeing the party a sonic blast was sent out. Those with weaker minds took psychic damage and the entire party “heard you fools should turn back now this realm is mine.” A manticore fliee down and Vitor got on and left towards the west. Most of the creatures fled once he is was gone seemingly as if a curse had been lifted from them. Only the undead remained which the party soon defeated. After much debate the party left town having decided to head toward Hawkley – the town of the head families of Triboar. Instead of traveling their previously taken trail, they chose the route toward the previously encountered temple. After traveling for a bit, the group came up on a lake with a fishing cabin that had been abandoned. They saw to small boats tied to the shore. They began to make their way across the span of water.

Upon the water in the distance, they saw splashing. They were soon face-to-face with a giant otter. The playful otter seemed to like shiny things and offered fish to the group in exchange for shiny items specifically gold. The time the silver was offered the boat was bumped until gold was offered. The group then made haste crossing the rest of the water.

Until next time…



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